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11 Inspired Garden Gates for a Beautiful Backyard

11 Inspired Garden Gates for a Beautiful Backyard
11 Inspired Garden Gates for a Beautiful Backyard

Much as the eyes are the window to the soul, a garden gate functions as a window into your yard.While a gate technically acts as a barrier that protects your beautiful garden, it should also be welcoming and beckon guests inside. Whether you want something for a cottage-style garden or want to emulate something more formal, installing a garden gate allows you to set the tone for your garden's atmosphere.

Flower-Covered Arch

Courtesy of Hometalk / Three Dogs In A Garden

One of the most classic and enticing garden gates is a simple, unpainted wooden frame that will look more rustic as it weathers. Here, a stunning violet clematis vine creates a flowering arch, inviting visitors to the backyard.

Antique Gate

Courtesy of Houzz / Troy Rhone Garden Design

Inspire a rustic setting with curved double-wooden doors, painted a soothing color like light blue. These six-foot-tall doors are made even more lovely with the addition of heart-shaped cutouts.

Garden Tool Gate

Courtesy of Montana Wildlife Gardener

This garden gate was built by securing second-hand garden tools as diagonal "rungs" and "slats" on a swinging cedar frame. Though this gate won't afford you much privacy, it will certainly give you a chance to showcase your creativity.

Little Red Door

Courtesy of Tales From Carmel

Unleash some barnyard style into your garden with a small red door beneath a crisp white vine-covered arch, a combination that shows just how sophisticated country style can be.

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