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5 Tips for Growing Strawberries

5 Tips for Growing Strawberries
5 Tips for Growing Strawberries

5 Tips for Growing Strawberries including how to grow strawberries from seed, how to grow strawberries in a raised plot, and where to plant strawberries.

Is it really summer without the sweet taste of strawberries? Strawberries and hot summer days go hand in hand, so this year, why not try growing some of your own? Growing Strawberries can be easy if you just follow a few important tips. In no time, you will have an abundance of strawberries on hand for your baking and snacking needs. Take a look!

5 Tips for Growing Strawberries

growing strawberries

1. Be mindful of your planting location.

You want to be sure the spot you choose gets at least 9-10 hours of sunlight per day. Strawberries love the sun, so you need to make sure they are in a spot that gets plenty while also remaining well drained. You also want to be sure it is not a spot that other berries have been grown in before, or disease may set in.

2. Plant strawberries based on where you live.

Most people will begin planting their strawberries in spring. However if you live in a hotter climate such as California, you will plant in the fall. Wait until the threat of frost has passed before planting your strawberries.

3. Opt for raised beds for strawberries.

Plant your strawberry plants either in raised beds or raised rows. You also want to allow for about 10 inches in between each plant. This will give your plants plenty of room to grow while keeping them warm and drained in the process.

4. Keep your strawberries fed.

Each plant will need about an inch of water each week unless you are experiencing severely dry or hot conditions. You can also keep the plant fed by applying a slow release fertilizer as well as compost. Here are tips for How to Get Strawberries to Produce More Fruit.

5. Keep pests away from strawberries.

Planting marigolds around your strawberries will keep bunnies away. Adding ladybugs to your plants will help fight off destructive aphids. Give both of these tips a try to enjoy the fruit of your labor as opposed to providing a free meal to pests.

Give these tips a try and check out these tips for growing Strawberries and you will be growing the most luscious strawberries around! I hope you have fun growing strawberries this year!

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