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Another level

Another level
Another level

How does your garden grow? With city gardens, the answer is with ingenuity. See the best small space garden ideas on HOUSE by House & Garden
Alicia Taylor

The back garden of this London home, reconfigured by interior designer Penny Morrison, is split into different levels, with a terrace for dining and a raised seating area.

Several small rooms that made up the basement of the house were taken out to create this new outdoor space. Initially little more than a shallow dark well with a 1.8-metre-high retaining wall obscuring the rest of the open space, the wall was removed and the earth in front of the basement door dug away to make enough space for a table and chairs. Shallow steps lead up through two levels to an upper gravelled area complete with a stone bench and raised beds filled with clipped box balls.

A zen city garden by one of our favourite furniture designers

Original article and pictures take http://www.houseandgarden.co.uk/outdoor-spaces/features/city-gardens/london-garden-two-levels-dining-space?previous#ViewImage site

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