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Contemporary House With A Folding Wood Facade And Interior Garden

Contemporary House With A Folding Wood Facade And Interior Garden
Contemporary House With A Folding Wood Facade And Interior Garden

MCNY House facade
The house is characterized by simplicity but it isn’t by any means boring

MCNY House elevated deck
It sits on a clean site free of large trees and slopes

MCNY House concrete garden planters
The entire building is elevated, including the decks and terraces

The MCNY House is a private residence located in Franca, Sao Paulo. It was completed in 2016 by mf+arquitectos, a studio established in 2009 but which only recently adopted the current name in the current form. They take on a variety of projects which vary from residential to industrial and also commercial. The team is an adept of the idea of integrating the interior with the exterior and also of impregnating a space with the charm and uniqueness of the materials used in its design.

MCNY House kitchen and dining zone
The indoor-outdoor relationship was a very important detail in the project

MCNY House pergola deck
The internal spaces are connected to the garden through a series of folding wood panels

MCNY House swimming pool
The panels act like shutters, completely enclosing the house when desired

The entire structure sits on an area of 516 square meters and is defined by simple lines and volumes. The materials used throughout include wood, concrete, stone as well as Corten steel. Together, they become an expression of Brasilian modernism.

MCNY House pool and lawn at night
The private rooms are lined up along the lawn, facing the pool

MCNY House lawn and wooden walls
They have direct access to a long terrace that links them and transitions to the garden

MCNY House folding bedroom walls
The folding wooden panels can be opened to reveal glass walls

MCNY House poolside deck
The pool sits perpendicularly to the bedrooms, featuring an adjacent wooden deck

In order to establish the strong and seamless connection between the internal and external spaces, the architects wrapped the house in a series of folding wooden panels which act like shutters. They can be closed off for better insulation or increased privacy and can also be opened up exposing the internal spaces to the garden, the pool and the rest of the outdoor areas.

MCNY House sliding doors with curtains
The deck becomes an extension of the internal social spaces

MCNY House long terrace
The living area and dining space can be fully opened to the outdoors

All the rooms feature this type of folding shell exterior. The panels are an added layer that forms the exterior facade of the building and offers it a cohesive and harmonious look both as a standalone structure as well as in relation to its surroundings.

MCNY House garden wall
The living and dining areas have their own little garden

MCNY House interior garden
The garden is lush and beautiful and has a perforated ceiling

MCNY House social area with garden
The garden can be hidden behind long curtains whenever desired

The main social spaces are the living room and dining area. They share the same space and they’re characterized by wooden flooring, a wooden accent wall that matches the flexible facade panels and a series of full-height glass windows that reveal an adjacent interior garden with lush vegetation and a perforated roof section that lets light filter in.

MCNY House lounge area
An area rug delineates the lounge space

MCNY House folding wall
A separate social zone sits at the end of the floor plan

MCNY House kitchen corner
The other social space is a sort of cozy man-cave

MCNY House kitchen island
It has a bar, exposed brick walls and direct access to the outdoor areas

There’s a second social area which formed of a bar and dining table with classic chairs. It has exposed brick walls, a wooden ceiling, tiled floor and a ceiling-mounted fireplace that creates a really inviting ambiance.

Original article and pictures take http://www.homedit.com/folding-wood-facade-and-interior-garden/ site

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