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Gardening for chickens

Gardening for chickens
Gardening for chickens

Gardening for chickens5K+
growing chicken feed

In no particular order: zucchini, corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, amaranth, pumpkins, melons, broccoli, lettuce, sunflowers, sweet peppers, & berries. Many of these I consider cost free since it's very easy to save seeds for next years planting. 1 seed can turn into several pounds of free feed! I don't know about your chickens, but mine eat over 3 tons of feed a year so the more free feed I can get, the happier it makes me. Plus the chickens love fresh veggies!

Most of these require very little prep work, they can be thrown to the chickens fresh from the garden or simply split open and set on the ground for the chickens to enjoy. While the chickens can eat things like carrots & kohlrabi, they require too much prep work before feeding them to the chickens. A zucchini can be split in half and the chickens will eat it down to nothing. Carrots need chopped up into smaller pieces and in my opinion just take too much effort. If I'm chopping carrots I might as well can or freeze the extras for our use. Things like melons and cucumbers don't preserve very well, so all the extras get fed to the chickens.

The chickens love the fresh produce and I love seeing the feed bill go down! What about you....do you grow any specific plants for your chickens? If so, what do you grow?


Original article and pictures take http://www.muranochickenfarm.com/2014/06/gardening-for-chickens.html site

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