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Simple Raised Garden Farmhouse Style - Dandelion Patina

Simple Raised Garden Farmhouse Style - Dandelion Patina
Simple Raised Garden Farmhouse Style - Dandelion Patina

How to create a simple farmhouse raised bed garden

It has been over 6 years since we have had a garden. And, we procrastinated and procrastinated. We knew the labor would be intensive on the front end to dig up all the sod. So, we knew we would be working on this project with a step-by-step approach in mind.

Simple Raised Garden-Last fall:

My husband measured out the area where we wanted our simple raised garden beds in the backyard. He then killed the grass.

Simple Raised Garden-Early spring:

In early spring we he started digging out all the dead grass and plant material. We also had quite a bit of black dirt left over in this area. So, we needed to mound it up to later be used to fill the galvanized planters for our simple raised garden beds.

Here is a reality shot of the hard work and muscle it takes to get the land ready for this simple raised bed garden idea of mine. A bit of sweat equity on the front end and low maintenance for the rest of the growing season. Rest assured, I am not quite sure I had the hubs convinced at that moment. He is quite happy with my vision at the current date though.

creating a raised bed garden

This whole process took FOREVER, it seemed. Mostly, because life gets in the way. The house does need to be cleaned every now and again. Right? The girls had to have their special pet turtles Fe Fe and Foo Foo supervise the project, as you see below. They were supervising for a long time.

creating our raised bed garden area

Simple Raised Garden-Mid Spring Progress:

  • Once the debris and dead plant material was removed we began to pile up the dirt.
  • Weed fabric was placed throughout the square area of the garden.
  • The 48″ galvanized fire pit rings were put into place.
  • Crushed granite was spread throughout the walking space.
  • Weed fabric was placed inside of the rings and filled with soil.

how to create raised garden beds with galvanized fire pit rings

It was finally planting time! Yahoo!

farmhouse style garden beds created with galvanized fire pit rings

And, as you can see the simple raised garden beds are doing their job! They are producing like crazy this summer and they are pretty much maintenance free.

raised bed garden

Why the hubs needs so many hot peppers is beyond me. But, I was not going to argue with the muscle of the operation. I am so pleased that this phase is completed. This fall we will be adding a fence around the garden perimeter so that those little bunnies can’t chew off my carrot tops any longer!

What do you think? Would you give this a go in your backyard?

Have a lovely day,

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